Our story

Fifty Wood is a Dutch brand founded in 2015 by two partners. With a love for nature, they chose wood as the most important aspect of all their future creations. Fifty Wood's products are handmade from only the best materials. Our team works every day with great passion and pleasure to design, create and perfect the most beautiful products. Every cap is made with love and the greatest precision to deliver the best quality, every time.


Fifty Wood fans from all over the world proudly wear our caps and sunglasses every day. We ship our products to more than 30 countries worldwide and are extremely grateful to be able to share our creations with our loyal customers.

Let's all get #styledbynature.

The proces

Our caps go through a long way before they end up with their new owner.

The collections are created in our office, where we select the most beautiful fabrics and materials and come up with unique designs. All our ideas come to life in the workshop. There we make our luxury wooden caps by hand.

The wood we use comes from responsible wood cultivation. We think it's very important that our products are sustainable, so that we can use the most beautiful types of wood in a responsible way.